What makes us special?

We showcase new art, which:

- created within last 20 years,

- reflects on our current issues,

- was made with museum quality.

We are located in North-West Los Angeles, away from traffic,  and just walking distance from Chatsworth Oaks Park - a nature preserve area of over two square miles, with picturesque boulders, multiple trails, a lake view, & the historic Santa Susana Pass. 

Enrich your weekend both physically and aesthetically,  by hiking in the morning and visiting our museum in the afternoon

Now on Display

In the South Gallery: "Alphabets- Reinvented". A truly "international" installation of over twenty large paintings, sculptures, and mixed media artworks made to celebrate the great diversity of cultures and languages of our planet.

In the North Gallery: "Vessels of Light".

A series of surreal-figurative paintings by an internationally awarded Armenian artist, Boris Giulian.

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